Refund and Returns Policy


Supplier” means: Bush and Overland Company (Pty) Ltd;
Purchaser” means: the person or entity to whom the Supplier has supplied or will supply a product or products;
Product” or “Goods” means: any component or product which the Supplier supplies or sells;


1. Unless goods are returned by the Purchaser within 10 days from date of taking delivery, the Supplier will not accept such goods as returned goods.

2. The goods returned will be subject to an IO% handling charge, calculated on the full sales price of the goods returned.

3. The Purchaser is responsible for the return of any goods to the Supplier, whether the items are returned personally, by courier or by any other means.

3.1. The Supplier acknowledge the right of the customer to return goods and claim  remedy under the Consumer Protecon Act due to failure of the goods supplied by the Supplier to comply with the standards and requirements set out in secon 55 of the Consumer Protection Act.

3.2. No refund of returned goods will be considered if the goods were altered in any way, after leaving the control of the Supplier, or used or installed contrary to the instructions of the Supplier; and

4. The Purchaser indemnifies the Supplier and holds the Supplier harmless against any and all returns and claims for which the Purchaser is responsible in terms of 3 above, as well as any and all costs, losses and expenses relating to such returns and claims.

5. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions and in particular this clause 5, is intended to or will be used to deprive the Purchaser of his/her/its rights to return goods and claim remedies, relating to returned goods under the Consumer Protection Act, should those rights apply for the benefit of the Purchaser in terms of the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.